Educational Links

Low Salt Diet-Up to Date
Tips on why a low salt diet is

Low Potassium Diet-Up to Date
Tips on why a low potassium diet
is important.

Low Protein Diet for CKD
What is a low protein diet, and why
do CKD patients need it?

Cleveland Clinic Kidney Cookbook Recipes
Kidney healthy eating!

Low Purine Diet for Uric Acid Kidney Stones

Low Oxalate Diet for Calcium Oxalate Stones-UPMC

Kidney Stone Information Medline Plus
Information on kidney stones.

Urinary Tract Infection Up to Date

Urinary Incontinence Information-Medline Plus

Urinary Incontinence Exercises-Up to Date

Useful exercises for incontinence

Quitting Smoking-Up to Date
Tips on how to kick the habit